Christopher Brown

United States


Christopher L.T. Brown is a photographic artist and printmaker living in Solvang, California with his wife Bobbie and French Bulldogs Sera & Beaumont. With over 30 years experience shooting a variety of subjects he is best known for his ethereal landscape and nature photography. An example of some of his recent work is the evocative photographic series on Oak Trees of Santa Ynez Valley California. Christopher’s works have been exhibited in galleries and museums from California to New York with much acclaim. His collectors return time and time again to view his most recent work and expand their portfolios. _ The goal in my work as a photographer is to “sooth the noisy mind” and bring to the forefront our deep interconnection with every object in the natural world. You need to look closely, but the connection is always there. My work ranges from the pure, to a digital blending (not altering) of nature, which can be helpful in expressing the works specific vision. While I currently work primarily in digital photography, the tools I use in every step of the creation of my work are always evolving. I believe in constant experimentation and exploration with methods old and new.

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