Noah Urban

United States


Photography has become my hobby, fascination, passion, and voice of expression. Visual communication is something that delights and confounds me, and playing with photography allows me to experiment in the most wonderful ways. While I may not have the words to even begin explaining a feeling, I find relative ease of expression through imagery . . . posing the possibility that I am merely verbally stunted. That is the prevailing theory. Yes indeed, I only half-jest. Several years ago I bought myself a Canon XTi, and the obsession began. Since then I've collected more gear, taken several hundred-thousand photos (heavens!) and learned from so many talented and helpful peers and mentors. It goes beyond that too—networks like Flickr and Redbubble have connected me with people who have become true and dear friends and constant sources of inspiration. It is a journey for which I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Oh right, me. My name is Noah, and I'm a web designer based in the Washington DC area. I can ride a unicycle and juggle... but not at the same time. Avocados make me happy.

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