Paul Wang



Art and design has been a significant part of my life during my formative years. I am happy that mom sent me to art classes when I was growing up. That I think became an impetus for what I am and do today. I turn to art when words fail to express what I really feel inside. People often describe my sketches as bold and vibrantly colored. My strokes are also said to be spontaneous and sure. Perhaps my training and background in technical theatre, specializing in set and stage lighting, helped to add that dramatic touch to my sketching techniques. Sketching to me is a unique way of telling stories and seeing the world. Some days I like to see the big picture, some days I find joy in the details. My sketches are mostly about my environment and the architecture I encounter. The spirit of the place is what I try to capture. Colors to me are effective ways to convey ideas and messages. Colours draw the viewers’ into my sketches. My perception of colors is frequently not based on what my physical eyes see but what the ‘eyes of my mind’ see and feel. Ink and watercolor are my favorite rendering mediums because they allow me to splash, splatter and add colors very quickly. Even though these are very unforgiving mediums, they have taught me to take delight in the challenges and mistakes I have made. Crayons and pastels are also favorite mediums because they are very portable and versatile. They promote a lot of spontaneity and I get to try new experiments.

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