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I'm a female photographer, living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. When I was a little girl, my parents gave me an Agfa Click which I used until I was 14 years. Unfortunately I lost that camera. And it was also the end of a photography period. I started again for a very short time when I was about 30 years with a Praktika but I did not pay enough attention to it and stopped after a while. When I was 40 years, I bought a simple Minolta camera, soon followed by a more semi professionel (analog) camera, Minolta 7xi. Then I discovered photograpy again, especially on the travels I made. Unfortunately, in the year 1999, my camera (including all the films) was stolen in Kazachstan after a long trip in China and it took a while until I could buy a new camera ...... a digital srl camera. After that moment I experienced a new way of photographing and processing my pictures in a way that I could approve. Although I followed some courses (Fotogram) in Amsterdam, you can say that I am a autodidact. I learned a lot from other friend-photographers, inspired by other pictures on the photography-sites, reading books, visiting exhibitions etc. Step by step I changed post-processing from jpeg to raw, and learned, with little tools, to give my pictures more impact. Some of my pictures have been published online and in magazines. I have won some prizes in photocontests, and I am very proud that I have won the 1st prize in National Geographic Photocontest 2013. The closest to my heart is travelphotography. On abroad trips I feel more relaxed and that has its impact on the pictures I make. The camera is for me also a way of getting in touch with people, to make lifelong friends in far away countries. But also to see the beauty in landscapes, to see lines and forms, little details. It opened my eyes for the world in a very special way.

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