Romina Marti O'Toole



Romina Martí (Tordera, Barcelona, 1984) lives and works in a village situated between Barcelona and the Costa Brava, surrounded by mountains, trees and wildlife which like to invite themselves onto the patio. She studied Illustration and Graphic Design at the Escola Massana in Barcelona and, after graduating, worked in a graphic design studio in the same city whilst combining this with freelance illustration projects. After winning two important illustration competitions she saw the opportunity to focus on her career and passion: illustration. Subsequently, Romina has created illustrations for many advertising and editorial projects, as well as illustrating books for children and young adult audiences. Her view is that each project is unique and special and will always apply the style best suited to each one. She often works experimenting with textures, combining this with charcoal, colored pencils or ink. As an animal lover Romina enjoys discovering all kinds of creatures to draw from around the planet as, together with nature, they are her source of inspiration.

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