Vincent Moro



Vincent is many things: graphic designer, illustrator, art director, among the others. Early in his career he has been fortunate enough to train and perform with some outstanding creative minds and computer arts professionals, who introduced him to the black magic secrets of visual communication, allowing him to make a living from colored pixels arranged in shapes, images and letters. Down the road, fortune and a certain fame came his way, sex, drugs and rock and roll. Life was good but also very hectic and exhausting. Before long white gave way to black and early Vincent experienced the dark side of creativity, becoming a workaholic; after going through some bad, bad times and even risking his life twice on some crazy deadlines, he decided then to start a ‘support group’ in a rehab facility, clean up his mind, go back to his roots, have a rest and get back in shape. Unfortunately he didn’t make it; soon he fall back into the void, where all his demons came from. He is currently traveling across the world, soul-searching, selling his art on the streets.

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