• She built a castle to look for her prince, and so she forgot

She built a castle to look for her prince, and so she forgot


Available materials:

Print only

paper 270 gr

Mounted on board

leger 19 mm

Mounted on aluminium

alu 3 mm

Framed black

alu 16 mm

Framed grey

alu 16 mm

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Artist's description

Sometimes, when we fall in love, or when we look for a person to share our lives with, we forget most important part, ourselves. We throw ourselves into in the other soul, and leave ours far behind. But, What happens if the other part decides to stop sharing their path with ours? The answer is easy, we condemn ourselves to sadness and loneliness. Learn to love yourself above all things. That’s the only way to give your most pure love to the rest of people.

Product description

The artworks are printed on professional paper, in different sizes - respecting and complying with the artists' requests and recommendations - and using the best digital printing technologies. You can choose the print-only or the ready-to-hang option which includes: aluminium frame bordered 16 mm in black or grey finishes with crilex to protect the artwork; borderless print mounted onto a natural wood rigid backing, 19 mm or onto an aluminium backing, 3mm, using pressure sensitive materials for a durable print that will not warp over time. The board size will adjust to the artwork size.


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