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Arthewall is a young company that proposes themed collections and single artworks to dress business and private wall galleries. The best in recommending, sourcing and delivering artwork to meet the clients’ individual project requirements. The marketplace with the aim to bring new art in all the spaces (private but also offices or restaurants), as much as you need, curated and ready to hang.

We are looking for exceptionally talented people to bring new ideas, perspectives and challenges to the Arthewall team. Do you think you could be a key figure on this project? 

Open vacancies


Fullstack Developer

Are you an experienced developer with an impressive track record in building applications, are you passionate about beautiful code and inspiring products with the aim of building something that users will love?

Change the Art World with us!

Hard skills required:

  • High-level PHP and LAMP proficiency
  • High confidence with WordPress world, developer side
  • High confidence with AWS tools for devops (EC2, S3, RDS, Cloudfront…)
  • Good CSS3/Jquery proficiency

Soft skills required:

  • Ability to work indipendently
  • Responsible for end to end project
  • Capability to work under stress

The vacancy is open immediately. If you are interested send us a mail with your CV and your motivation to become part of our team to